• Intraspec® - Real estate marketing application that generates an estimated interest rate on existing home loans
  •® - Consumer advocacy web application
  • TitleEdge® - NextAce Corporation's flagship title report production software*
  • Forward Planet® - Front end and database for the SMTP email address for every wireless device in North America
  • Acey Duecey™ - Card game based on the traditional high-low card game
  • Solar Date™ - Date driven visual Zodiac planetary placement application
  • Scratchers® - The Web's first scratch off type lottery ticket application
  • My Haters® - Facebook application based on non-friended Facebook users
  • ORCA® - MLS type real estate solution for commercial property
  • 5Wild™ - Video slots game
  • Le Babe™ - Application to assist expecting parents in naming their baby
  • Payroll Etc.® - A corporate payroll system

* Provided consultation only

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Pragmatic techniques with low bureaucracy equates to low latency production. Once quality is established our focus shifts to the finish line. This is just one reason our software products consistently receive the blue ribbon. Combine that with unprecedented customer service levels and the result is a winning team.


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