To bring a conceptual idea to life requires solid planning. We work with you to make sure the product we produce is the product that you envision.

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Our design team is interwoven with our development team resulting in a zero time loss project schedule and rich captivating state of the art graphics.

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Forty years of experience and education from seven California Universities and colleges goes into each line of code we write.

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Yes, dingzoom would be the logical choice

Pragmatic techniques with low bureaucracy equates to low latency production. Once quality is established our focus shifts to the finish line. This is just one reason our software products consistently receive the blue ribbon. Combine that with unprecedented customer service levels and the result is a winning team.


Dingzoom founder Mike Kitterman has authored many software applications. Contact us for a free quote today. Our affordable rates make our services a smart choice for any size company.
Meet our team

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